Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Put on Your Thinking Cap

My advice to to-be HAPPILY married girls - A Satire :P

1. Look for a Guy who is in US or Who has the potential to go to US. Some amount of greenbacks in life feels good especially when you multiply it by 40.

2. A guy working in a big company with a big name has a brand equity. After all, you need to answer 100 people a day where your husband is working. Infosys or TATA sounds much much better than Tirupati software & co (firm)!!

3. Love will keep you alive but a meal for two in Le Meridien is always tasty and the ambience is de-stressing. So, please find a guy who has VISA power.

4. Maanggadu Mariamman Temple is beautiful tourist destination, but what ever said and done, a trip to Rome is an exclusive holiday, . So, yet again go with a guy who has VISA power, this time both the money and the stamp!!

5. Look for a handsome guy. It wont hurt to see your baby daughter look like a johnson baby cutie pie (for that even you also need to look good).

6. A bicycle ride to office is very tiresome. So, please try to ensure that you can get atleast a Toyota for yourself as your first valentines day gift. On that occassion of him gifting you one, Your special kiss to your hubby is priceless. For everything else there is MASTERCARD.

7. DONT marry a guy with sisters(especially elder, younger and twin) even if he comes for free. You are buying trouble and pain.

8. Insist on a seperate home right from day one. Maamiyar thollai(in-laws Harassment) is not worth it. Come on....lets face one can be considered and treated equal as your parents and what are these old age homes for????.

9. Finally, remember...self worth of a guy is good to talk about. But when it comes to choosing your partner, please go by what the world does. Afterall, a million others cant be fools. There is NO NEED to think differently and try to be more happier.At the end of the day, no one is more happier than the other. Its all one and the same. Atleast in my advice, you can be comfortable, even if your marraige breaks.

The Saga of Indian Marraiges Continue.:)


Sarayu said...

hehehhehe... nice points anna :)

Anonymous said...

Its true a million others in this world cant be fools but sometimes happiness and content in life can make us choose the road less travelled but make us really feel the best in the world for choice made..

Voodoo Woman! said...

I guess Love is a matter of convenience. A lot of things come into consideration. The religion, caste, education, family background. An arranged marriage follows the 9 points that you talk about.

After all, happiness does have a directly proportional relation with monetary satisfaction :) Maaplai(to be bridegroom) pakambodu u should think of these points, but to make these points as a CRITERIA would be doing injustice to yourself!

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