Thursday, May 19, 2005

I Don’t Know Tamil Ya!

This blog is strictly for tamilians or people whose mother tongue is tamil. I have directed my ire against the so called "peter party"

I Don’t Know Tamil Ya!

This is one statement I hate to hear from people whose mother tongue is tamil, especially so when said with a lot of pride. It’s a sorry state of affairs, to see even parents say with pride to their friends and neighbors about their wards, how poor he or she is in tamil. What I don’t understand is that why people feel inferior about their own mother tongue. Countries like China and Japan, who have been able to harness 100% of their human resources, have made the greatest progress. And they have been able to do that just because the importance their mother tongue gets in their educational system. But back home, we have this general perception that people who cant speak English are uneducated. Tamil language is such a rich language popular all over the world. But it’s a pity to see the slow death that has already started. More painful to see is how this issue has been politicized in Tamilnadu. I completely agree that all of us don’t get adequate opportunities to learn the language, owing to so many reasons. Many of us are away from tamilnadu. But my only point is that there is definitely no pride in saying that we don’t know our mother tongue. In this vast ocean of humanity, the only lighthouse is our culture and they are ones, which provide us direction to prevent us from becoming a misguided missile. No one can be an expert in any language, but when I see these so called “peter party” , especially the tamilians who have been born and brought up in tamilnadu, saying “I don’t know Tamil ya!” and expect a nice pat on their back, I feel they deserve a kick!!


Spacejunk said...

idhe tamil la yedhirkalaaame :P

the one who lies said...

very true!


The Soul Doctor said...

Space Junk

Nethi Adi!! :)

one who lies

shud i relate all ur comments to ur nick name?? LOL