Saturday, December 09, 2006

Put on Your Thinking Cap

Moments of Inertia

Scene 1



Can u please put on the fan? (Amma comes from kitchen and switches on the fan, and the switch board is just six feet away from me)

Scene 2

A manic Monday morning. I get up and go to the toilet and find that there is no shaving cream. I scream at my helper asking where is the shaving cream? He replies, that he just threw that empty tube out while cleaning. How can I blame him? I was squeezing the hell out of that tube for the last one week. It should have been thrown out ten days before itself, but I was getting every drop of cream out of that and I was actually planning to cut the tube today, wipe off whatever is available, throw it away. My helper just preempted my plans.

Scene 3

My Study room. (These two words speak in itself an entire story of what I would be just giving as the connecting thread.)

Scene 4

My Bookshelf. A small blue book called the Bhagavad Gita. I am thinking of reading this for a long time and still haven’t found the gumption.

The list can go on endlessly. The common thread connecting all the four scenes is the “moment” of inertia. Newton says every body continues to be in a state of rest or in motion unless otherwise an external force acts upon it to change its state. How true? Simply put, it’s the inertia of mind leading to inertia of body resulting in the greatest crime I am committing with impunity day in and day out. Procrastination. Right from the start of the day when my bed tea gets cold because the “moment” of inertia to change my state from cozy sleep to sluggish yawn, overstretched itself to fifteen minutes, to that missed evening jog because something more important (afternoon siesta!!) overstretched yet again, to that book which I bought so fondly to read but which hasn’t seen the light of my table lamp, to my car which hasn’t been taken to servicing even after its scheduled service date expired three weeks ago, its procrastination that is ruling the roost today in my life.

And did I mention about this article for the blog which I had written long time back but didn’t “find” time to do ctrl C & V from msword to blogger? Moments of Inertia!!

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