Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who is the Successor of Humans in the Cycle of Evolution?

Continuing with my last blog about my views on how scientifically advanced is our Hindu mythology, I feel that mythology is in itself a word coined by people who were prejudiced and didn’t have sufficient providence to understand or imagination to grasp or reasons to disbelieve the so called fairy tales of our past! Also, as relevantly brought out by Muthu in his comment to my previous post, It takes a great deal of understanding of any concept to even imagine about it. Lets take the same story of a king who went to heaven only to come back and discover that eight generations have passed. One, it could have happened in reality. Rejected, simply because its too good to believe. The only other possibility is that atleast those guys had an understanding of basic laws to accurately imagine such concepts to narrate stories which today can be proved conclusively by your so called empirical theories of relativity. How will one be able to imagine such accurately that when we go out of earth we gain time which are supposedly very advanced science? This and many more!

Now the issue of timeline has to be addressed here. The first known civilisation in India is the Indus Valley civilisation dating back to 2500BC. But many historians believe that Ramayana and Mahabratha happened in 7000BC. And there is no explanation for this time gap. Today we don’t have any conclusive proof that whether and how the world was destroyed somewhere between 7000BC and 2500 BC or whether such times existed at all. But it may be just a matter of time before we may stumble upon a natural calamity that had destroyed everything.

Now let me run my imagination a little wider and talk about something that may happen in the future, that could have happened in the past that may serve as a direction to look for an answer. If the evolution theory by Darwin is accurate, if humans are infact the successors of Apes, then who is our successor?

Taking into consideration that the main aspect of evolution between apes and humans is our ability to think logically and our power of reasoning, I say that our successor will be a man who is evolved to speak without speaking, Who knows everything, who is aware of everyone else’s mind, whats going on in your mind, my mind, automatically!!! ( What powers we attribute to our mythological gods)
When such superior species evolves say 4000 yrs hence, they will rule obviously rule us. There will be some benevolent evolved men (may be whom our myths refer as Devas, Rama, Krishna etc) and some belligerent evolved men (may be whom our myths refer as asuras). By this time science would have advanced so much to have colonies in outerspace which would have much more comforts (heaven) which will primarily be occupied /accessible by the higher species of evolved men, the know all, the gods!

Some where at this timeline, may be its possible that entire civilization could get destroyed by a super natural calamity, so much so that nothing ever survives except basic organisms like amoeba, bacteria or may be lizards and cockroaches and the process of evolution starts all over again!! The cycle begins once more!! Histories begin to be reconstructed from whatever little leftover over materials!! Missing links galore!!

If such a thing had infact happened in the past, Can this explain some aspect of divinity, providence, heaven, vimanas, astras etc?? And most importantly the timeline gap? When I placed this argument for discussion, the point emerged (Karthik, the Devil Face) that the next step of evolution is going to be cyborgs. The amalgamation of man and machine. This is because of the great progress made by mankind in the field of biomedics and genetic engineering. Natural man who will have his abilities enhanced by bionic and cybernetic implants. Eyes than can see for miles, legs that can run at blazing speeds, muscle tissue enhanced with nano-technology. He says “Man has always shaped his own future and always will”.

Very True. And an impressive argument!!

But all I would like ask is why stop our imagination that man will have just enhanced eyes, legs, hands, heart?By the same route of genetic engineering and cyborgs, Why cant we extrapolate our imagination to devlopment of brains in laboratory? A brain that knows everything, the omniscient brain that can be developed in the laboratory and transplanted, so that there is no death.

How can one limit mans quest for excellence to just spare parts? Wont he go for the engine someday? The brain! Hasnt immortality always been the quest for mankind? Hasnt immortality been the ultimate destination? What else do you think the aim of getting back a lost limb or changing a defunct heart? Its the brain, the mind, my dear that we will be ultimately looking to transplant, make it more efficient(like an eye that can see for a mile, a brain that KNOWS everything!) Now can you see that immortality is a distant possibility and that too, through the so called empirical research and man making his own future? Cant you see an immortal Ram or Vishnu, 6000yrs hence?

Undoubtedly, such technologies like biomedics and Nano tech are not far way from the present day reality. But machines are short gap arrangements to plug in immediate needs. In the long run nature has to overtake. Its always been that way and there is no reason that this time, it will be the other way around.

By the way, Try not to look at my finger. Else you will miss the star I am pointing out.

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Muthukumar Puranam said...

Do you Yug-cylce hinduisn says., has some info. I dont beleive in darwin evolution. It has lotta loop holes. Creation is explained in totally different perspective by hinduism. This is not the right place to discuss all of those. However when you do little research you may get to know different things.