Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Learning Curve

On a Rainy Day

It was a quiet saturday evening, dark clouds covering the sky and my heart was warmly awaiting the midsummer showers. The greenery was inviting and becoming more lush with every passing rain. I was sitting in a gazebo in the middle of my lawn and enjoying the serenity of the surroundings. The unique and pleasant about to rain fragrance was bringing in refreshing memories of many a kind. I was having a cup of hot tea and crispy just out of the frying pan pakodas. As expected, it started raining and it went on for quite sometime. I finished with my pakodas which had greased my fingertips with a film of oil and I wanted to wash my hands badly so that I could pick up a book to read. But the rains wouldnt stop and I just could not go the watertap located at the end of the lawn. I waited and waited for the rains to stop so that I could go to the tap. After a while I suddenly realised, that I was just sitting inside a waterfall and how. The gazebo had a conical roof and the rains waters gushed down all around from the roof, making a clean cyllindrical curtain of water!! And here I was, waiting for the rains to stop so that I could reach the tap and wash my hands.

This was a small incident but brought out profound lessons for me. It dawned on me that often our preconcieved notions and closed minds, blinds us to the bigger realities that lie right in front of our eyes. Sometimes, these realities are so huge that it escapes the attention of our eyes due to its sheer enormity of size which is wide than our field of view. We search, pursue, struggle, and many times succumb without experiencing that the truth we sought for was right in front of us. A small experience, but a big lesson for me on a rainy day. I washed my hands gleefully in the water gushing down from the roof and as happy as child having learnt a new rhyme in his nursery. Hope I will be able to remember this lesson when the exams come!!


Ramakrishnan said...

Simple yet profound !!

PS: Your blogpage generates too many pop-up windows, and thats really annoying. Please fix it ASAP

The Soul Doctor said...

@ Ramakrishnan


I am not able to make out how these pop ups are coming. When I access it, there are no pop ups. I tried from different computers (diff IP address) but the same result.

Which are these pop ups?

RUMS said...

Hey!! As I was reading I was wondering why you didn't just stick your hand out and wash it... he he, lateral thinking?:P Btw, blogroll is edited. Cheers.

L>T said...

hey! I guess you didn't fall off the planet, after all. :)

What you are saying is True. I find this happens with myself, way more often then it should.

pushkala said...

soul doctor... do u prescribe any medicines to remind me abt the rite lessons at the rite time!
pushkala !

anand said...

Hey Karthik

Nice post! Welcome back...Here's my two cents worth :)

Peering through a tiny five mirrored kaleidoscope;
With every twist;
I gasp out in amazement at the myriad of wondrous new patterns;
Always and ever more enchanting;
Every little particle of reality;
reflected a thousand times, shines like a world in itself;
Maybe the next twist will reveal all?
Ah! if only I could put down the kaleidoscope for a moment and gaze at the light


The Soul Doctor said...

@ Ramya

Even I wondered why it didnt strike me in the first place. But thats what this blog is all about.Thanks for editing your blogroll.:)

@ Pushkala

Hah...Had I known that before, it would have been blogged by now. By concious efforts, one can remember, but then situations overwhelm us so much that, many a times we are left with little choice but to do the not so ideal response inspite of knowing the right lessons at the right time.

The Soul Doctor said...

@ LT

Hey LT, I have not yet fallen off. Still holding on. I am still the one.:) Thanks for dropping by:)

@ Anand

Superb. Simply superb. welcome back. You are two cents of thoughts are becoming invaluable with every passing comment.:)