Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Please Help: Formating in Blogspot Sucks!!!!

I dont know if I am the only one facing this problem or is it that I am too dumb to solve this formating problem in blogspot? I changed my template thrice if its a template centric problem but it isnt. Firstly, whenever I try to write in seperate paragraphs, I find it almost impossible to give double space between two paras. How many times I try to give two spaces, in the final blog, it comes the same. Many a times, it is not even a single space. It looks really ugly to see the content loose its punch because of poor formating. And then, when I try to write the blog in sub paragraphs with indents and tab spaces as we do it a word document, the sub paras never appear, even if I create one using blank spaces and push it a little right. The crib about the spell check is the worst one. Try using the spell check and when I indeed substitute with the suggested spelling, something wierd happens and only a part of the word is replaced with the new spelling, with the rest cling still hanging on, making it all the more wrong.

How to underline a particular word? Is there a way? Can one use colours other than what is given here simply by changing the colour code in HTML edit? In anycase, I am totally clueless about HTML and all the changes I have made is infact through logical comparison and amending another code of a similar nature and pasting it. Is there a way to use smilies in posts? The photo upload feature isnt working at all!! The page always loads with errors. When I click "upload" it says "Error on Page"!!

So many problems in blogspot. Someone please help!! Are koi sunte ho? Yaravathu udavi panungo!!


Bisha said...

Ho hum, try this amigo. To double space:

Content content blah blah blah
Scoobidy doobidy more content.

Except, replace the brackets () with the brackets <>

The Soul Doctor said...

thanks Bisha, for your comment!!

thanks for dropping by my blog.

But to tell you the truth, your help went over my head!!
Now where should I do this change? like we should i write br within <>
I dunno HTML:(

Karthik "KK" said...

Hey MK...

U cud write br within <> This automatically puts a line break...

One other thing u cud do is write ur blog in Word & then copy paste it here.. This will work as u want 9 times out of 10 :p


The Soul Doctor said...

@ KK

I will try this br thing.

But I always type in word and paste it and precisely this is what is not working!:(

Barath said...

First time here...nice one u r on to! detour from OI!

nyways...solution kandupidicha udnai...enna pananumnnu oru illterateku solraa maadri solunga appo thaan welaiku aagum enaku!

jhgasuhvkjahklnsdlksnlknmlwvlckn said...

There are no sub paras in the blogger system. You can indent a paragraph by using the "quote" button. The colour codes can be used like you said. Its basically three hex codes: R, G, B in that order, each with one number (0 through 9 and A through F)...some examples are:

#000 --> black
#FFF -->white

Try other combinations in between. A program like Photoshop or PSP can give you hex codes from colours picked off the screen...

Type your posts in word and paste it in...that usually works since blogger is HTML enabled. Make sure you use the correct fonts in Word itself.

Hope this helps,

The Soul Doctor said...

thanks a lot rajesh. I shall do that. thanks for your input on geting colour codes!:)