Wednesday, December 27, 2006


A Wall Paper I Designed

I just designed a wall paper for myself. Its for 1200x800 pxl screen
for those who use a blank desktop like me.
I recieved this kid's photo in a fwd email though:)
This is my two cents to the www!!


Aparna said...

I love the child within me, and I love most children who make me realise that innocence exists!

Few days back - a young chap Edrin - a 4 year old boy staying in my society - asked me for a ride on the bike... its become a routine now everyday - he comes to play right at time I return from work - to ask for a ride, reminding me of how I used to take rides from others during my childhood. :)

Simplicity is simply simple!

shruti said...

wonderful wall paper...
so simple and enlighting...

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