Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dreaming on a Toilet Seat


I watched "Lago Raho...." and this dialogue hit me hard and it summed up in two lines what I would have taken a monologue to vent out.

"1947 mein apunko swantrata mila. Desh toh apun ka ho gaya. Magar log paraye ho gaye"
......In 1947, we got independence. The nation became ours. But people turned strangers.......

Such an hypocrite I am, the first thing I went and did on introspection, was to dig out a photo I had got clicked long back, standing next to the Mahatma's Statue.

I wonder....Is this all my two cents worth of Gandhigiri?........only time will tell!:(


vibhor said...

true, something have to be left on time..

Shashank said...

dude. when ya change ur link u must tell some unpriviledged ppl like me who dont get to read and write blogs so often anymore. cause v ppl have links to ur blog man!!

The Soul Doctor said...

@ Vibhor

Thanks for your comment. I do agree, time is supreme.

@ Shashank


And am really sorry for not informing you and others. I myself was out of this place for long time. How are you keeping otherwise? How did you find this place?

Shashank said...

well i m doing fine... as i said b4 work takes up most of my time and i dont have net at home anymore to even think of blogging. anyway when i did get time to read i found that ur previous link pointed to 'shagmoorchronicles' or something like that. i wondered if u changed template and blog topics totally. but then since i remembered your blog articles' names i searched those. 'murder the murderer; being one of my favs and 'late latif' bcos i identified myself there.. yet again :P
anyways please do update us; there ARE loyal readers :)

Anonymous said...

hi karthik, what are u doin with the gandhi statue.... ??? !!!

The Soul Doctor said...

@ Anonymous

Cant be as good as him. Just trying to get some reflected wind. Guess it might put some better sense in me about everything:)

Kindly leave your name next time. Welcome to my Blog