Thursday, May 12, 2005

What I meant by an Omniscient Brain?!

In the last blog when i spoke about my views regarding the successor of human beings in the cycle of evolution, I had made a mention about the omniscient brain that knows all. Now, when I say a brain that knows everything, I primarily did not mean that it has all the factual knowledge of the world! I am talking about knowing others mind, a science what we refer today as telepathy. Keep walking in the road, you will know if someone is following you deliberately. Keep looking at a person intensly, and he will know that and look back at you. Haven't you seen a mother cry when the child falls down and gets hurt badly? When you talk to a man, there are times when you know for sure that he is lying. Girls claim that they have this sixth sense even today, especially the Scorpios.

We aquired the power of logical reasoning and evolved into men(and women ofcourse) from apes. So the next aquisition for evolution could be the capability of telepathic transmission, an omniscient brain. At present, this aspect of telepathy is in very very rudimentary stage of evolution. We still do not know how two people who never speak, communicate with each other. A human mind is constanly thinking most of the times what others are thinking about them.It is a fact and thats why I feel that the natural evolution will be in this direction. There must be some medium of communication, a transmitter of brain waves and a receptor of brain waves, which may be in the form of certain specific cells in the brain, which anyways hasn't been even mapped remotely close to what it is. If its one organ the man doesnt even have a fraction of information of what he has about others, its the brain.

So as and when research reaches such a stage to find out and seperate the cells those are responsible for this telepathic transmission of brain waves, may be it could be cultivated in laboraties, may be a techinique could be devised to genetically modify to increase their numbers in the brain or any other such things that are beyond my imagination. And when one knows what other has in his mind, then knowledge does not remain as intersection of sets but suddenly becomes a union of sets. And in no time, this union grows exponentially, and you will know something automatically because i know that thing!! An omniscient brain by default!

Something like this Magic called the world wide web which has taken over the world exponentially, because of which we are so far yet so close.


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