Tuesday, January 03, 2006


2005 : The Year That Was

Life often unfolds itself in recondite ways and no wonder, 2005 was a remarkable year in my life, accentuating, yet again, the fathomless mystery of fate or randomness. The year began with one of the most precious gift that almighty has ever bestowed upon me, which I thought I had lost, even though I never believed I lost it or I would ever lose it, coming back to me. This year was one of learning and before I could realize I was already on a path of spiritualism, guided my own conscience. The Journey of a thousand miles had just been begun with a single step. No extraordinary event marked the commencement of this journey. No functions. No joining of spiritual groups. No following of masters and gurus. But, for sure, the journey towards the core of my heart and in search of my soul had surely begun.

Amongst other things, this year took me offshore from my country to a remote poverty stricken northeast Africa as I was deputed to serve with the UN. And this gave me an opportunity to interact with people all across the world, see different cultures and customs, different outlooks to life. Nowhere in the world, I guess, would one get an opportunity to serve with over 70 nationalities, from every part of the world, significant or insignificant. And what I saw changed the way I saw this world. I realized that there are people and a whole lot of them, living in this world, holding diametrically opposite views of life, following completely different things and yet living happily. Suddenly, the lines differentiating the right and wrong, the good and the bad, blurred and merged. Does that mean that I need to exorcise all that has gone into shaping me what I am today? This is a question looming large in my mind, for which I have no immediate answer. I hope wisdom would prevail upon me in due course of time.

I started writing this year and this Blog was born. This was the most singular propellant for my spiritual journey. All these years, I have always been philosophically inclined. But when I started giving shape to my ideas and thoughts in the form of my writing, the first thing that struck me hard was my own life riddled with unwanted hypocrisies, false facades and skewed perceptions of how the world is in front of me. The more I wrote, the more I became aware that if there is one person that I can change and I need to change in this world, it is I. I wish I was perspicacious enough to understand this long back, but then it is never too late.

I earned a lot of money this year. A whole lot of money, which I always knew I will earn, but I had the providence to do so at early stage of my life. Again, it is all relative. This whole lot of money as per me might be a pittance to someone else. Let me not get into that. In short, 2005 has made me financially a lot sounder than before. Professionally, it was the best year of my career. The kind of exposure I have gained this year alone is stupendous.

When I look back at 2005, I don’t see 365 days, but just an evanescent moment, a small drop in the ocean of time, receding as fast as it came. But this drop was a prism for me, which gave me the wisdom that the white light of life is indeed a mixture of several colours. And what colour I see, depends on the way I see it, as much as it depends on the colour itself. Pure Metaphysics.

And then, when 2005 came to a grand denouement, I was told that I had lost it all. All that ever mattered to me. Strange are the ways of life!


Laxmi said...

i really liked the way u express yourself..great going!
Ur line....
The more I wrote, the more I became aware that if there is one person that I can change and I need to change in this world, it is I.

It really makes me feel like writing..so that i can omit all the fallacies in my own life...thanks 4 being an inspiration..

The Soul Doctor said...

@ Laxmi

Thanks a ton for your kind words. And this comment of yours has actually inspired me too, to come out of my hiatus.

Its been more than a month since I blogged.My profession is keeping me a little preoccupied, but then i can always take out some time.Infact We all can!!!

Do come again and enable public view of your blogger profile. I cant see your profile, neither your blog :(