Sunday, June 05, 2005

Animal Instincts

Once, in a class on observation and survival skills , I was explaining them how to sense human presence, by seeing animal movements in a jungle. I was expounding,“….Like a cow, being a domesticated and friendly animal, if it sees some human presence nearby, it always moves in the direction towards him. So if one sees a cow moving, he should always observe the area carefully with binoculars for any human presence, in the direction of movement of that cow. But a Deer, will stop for a moment and immediately turn a hundred eighty degrees and sprint away. So, if one sees a deer sprinting, he should observe the area carefully in the direction exactly opposite to its movement. And a Rabbit always looks for the nearest burrow. So one cannot clearly judge….”

Suddenly, a bright spark from the class, asked loudly “Sir, What about a lion? Which direction will it move?”

I was taken aback, but regained my composure in an instant and replied “If you see a lion, look everywhere. The man will be running!!!

The class roared into laughter.

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