Thursday, May 12, 2005

Where Did We Go Wrong?

These are some pictures of whats going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As you are reading this blog, there are 2000 people getting killed because of the bloody civil war to control the vast expanse of natural resources. The world powers are turning a blind eye and infact many are even funding these barbaric cannibals to fight amongst each other to control the resources, so that the west can keep draining them amidst anarchy. Do you see some reality? In this era of silicon chips and nano technologies, Its painfull to even realise that technology of guns has reached these tribals, but nothing more!!

For times immemorial, the so called western world has been draining the resources of the african continent and even they did it to India for 300 yrs, to power their thier pursuit of excellence!! And then they claim intellectual property rights!!

Where did we go wrong?

where did we go wrong?
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Lakshminarasimhan said...

I wonder if you wrote this realising the irony of it. From waht I learn, one of the most important resources that is being fought over is the raw material to make the silicon chips!
If you know more about what I am talking, please share.
anbudan Lakshminarasimhan.