Thursday, May 12, 2005

Nutty Professor

Once I was taking a lecture about some optical equipment. One of the most important component of that equipment was a tiny nut, which had a major role in the smooth functioning of that device. I held the pointer facing inwards, pointing to the nut on that equipment which I was holding close to my chest, and asked the class " Ok Students, Can you all see this nut? "

The class plunged into silence. In a second, I knew where the confusion was and I clarified myself " No. Not the big one which is standing but the small one here, on top of this drum!!"

The whole class rolled into laughter for minutes toghether and I had to break them off for a few minutes to put back some order!!


icyblue said...

hahaha... not bad for a professor. Ur students wud hv definetely enjoyed ur classes :)

The Soul Doctor said...

hi icy

yeah. they definetly did. A little humour always helps to drive out point of view!!