Sunday, June 17, 2007

Put On Your Thinking Cap

Piggy Back

I found this frog pair in my backyard. I really dont know if they are mating or they are mother frog/father frog-son frog/daughter frog pair carrying piggy back. But I decided to test my macro photo skills with my pet canon camera!!! I think, I have taken a decent shot!!

For a moment, I was wondering, if I could touch this frog, only to release the princess of neverland and then we could marry and live happily ever after!! Poor me........the desperation of search for a partner has got me to this level of looking at frogs for hidden princess, because in the matrimonial market, all good girls seems taken!!!


Anonymous said...

lol soul doc! Nice thought!

Divya said...

nice pic...

Hey come on there are some good gals still left who wanna a house husband ... Keep looking with ur eyes open :) :)

The Soul Doctor said...

@ anonymous

Thanks a ton. you are Welcome :)

@ Divya

I am waiting to meet someone like that. BTW how do you know i wanna become house husband????

anyways...if you know someone do tell them of me :)

thanks for visiting my place :)


Cogito Ergo Sum said...

Hey there!

How be you? Visiting your blog after ages!

Nice pics and fun Travelogue!


The Soul Doctor said...

@ Sushmaa

Hey..thanks for dropping by. I am doing good. How about you?

Thanks for the compliments :)


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