Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hinduism: We have only ourselves to blame!!

When we argue about how advanced was our vedic culture, one cannot remain without acknowledging the fact that, if our teachings and advanced concepts have not been given due credit, its only ourselves who are to be blamed.For times immemorial, hindus may be the ONLY, I SAY AGAIN, ONLY culture who prevented their own people from entering schools and even villages,because they were born in lower castes. Believe me, after having travelled far and wide all over india from the north east to south west and now in north africa and having interacted with people so very different in culture, I can say this with conviction. I have seen people stay away from schools because they are poor. But not because they were supposedly born in a lower caste, of which one has absolutely no control.Generations after Generations we have been doing it, even as late as our previous generation and even today in some places in India.
This coupled with the fact that most of our scriptures are in sanskrit, a language a few understand leave aside speaking, it has played havoc in preservation of our teachings. In hindu culture, we have always believed in sharing knowledge on a need to know basis. Dronacharya didnt teach his own son what he taught arjuna. Even after teaching ekalavya, he asked for his finger as dakshina so that he cannot use what he knew so well.Parasurama, after having coming to know that karna is from a kshatriya kula, cursed him that the knowledge which was imparted to him will not work when most needed and that cost karna's life.
It is but apparent that only because of our own makings, we could not profilerate this knowledge as the christians spread their bible or the way Islam spread its teachings!!But slowly, the winds are changing and its a matter of time before we turn the worlds attention to not only our illustrious past but the happening present and a promising future.
It all started with military imperialism of the chengiz khan and alexander era, which was followed by the economic imperialism of the europeons or the present mass producing chinese but its indians who hold the key to the future when knowledge imperialism will ultimately wipe off every other form!! I hope to live to see that day!!


Varadha said...

Hi Karhik,

Got to your blog from another friend's blog. Its an interesting point you have that Hinduism has not been imparted and largely remained a legacy of select people. And did not yet catch up..

On the contrary, there's a whirlpool of activities initiated by Sri Sri Ravishankar through His Art of Living. The organization conducts basic workshop all based on the infinite wisdom, Knowledge (yes the very essence of our spiritual heritage, Vedas). And one the most compelling factors is a Kriya (a special breathing technique that upon practice, aims to gradually reveal the "true nature of our selves" - (realized, wise) people refer to that as Divinity.

I read a few quotes by Sri Sri, heard a discourse and discussed about their workshop and I discovered, my friend that it is nothing short of a global force. What is pleasing is the outreach of this origanization - the emphasis on service as a vehicle that appears to be one of factors to reach out at the global level. **As of now the organization is in 140+ countries (even in Afrcia, Iraq,..); 1000s (20, 30..) of villages have benefited in India, well-ness program for prisoners and other welfare aspects all in a short span of 25 yrs. The amazing factor appears to be the Kriya - its based on our own Vedic tradition but delivered in a religion agnostic way.

I am thrilled to know (as told by an attendee) of Sri Sri's discourse that people atleast the present Indian gen. is headed for a full-cirlce. Moving forward to abosrb and dissipate the Knowledge better, faster than before. Sacred texts talk about the cosmic "Pranavam" the essence of life and I was totally stunned to hear back these from Sri Sri's messages, his kriya....I guess the realized Masters experience this all the time.

Shortly not only you my friend, but many of us will live to see the day, when the afore-mentioned activities and Wisdom carriers educate us and the world.

Jai Gurudev!!
(** -; please do verify my personal viewpoints, independently as I don't belong to this organization but looking forward to it.)

The Soul Doctor said...

Dear Varadha,

Firstly, Thanks a ton for reading my post. Yes, even i have heard of this Sri Sri Ravishankar, seen some worshops being held in my city, also managed to catch one discourse of him in Aastha channel.

I think i am reflecting your point of view and we are not parallel lines after all! This is what i meant when I said about the changing winds and world taking a note of us in the coming days. And am happy to know that this particular organisation is turning into a force.

As far as my own life is concerned, i intend to have my own philosophy, i intend to create my own light house to for when i lose direction. I do want to take the good things from everywhere but do not intend becoming a disciple of anyone, not atleast in the near future and definetley not with my present mindset.

Thank you very much Varadha. I would be happier to know more about you. Your comments are always welcome.

Varadha said...


I am more interested in hinduism, spiritualism in general have increased considerably. Thats why I stpped by your posting and shared my ideas.

I am from Tamil Nadu (chennai) and currently in the US. Let me know where you come from.

Anonymous said...

i thought that it was ekalavya that dronacharya asked the thum from as gururdakshina and not his own son ashwatthama.

The Soul Doctor said...

Yes Yes! Sorry for the error. And thanks for telling me. Shall correct it Now.

Anonymous said...

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